[How to] Get WhatsApp Free for Lifetime

Its very simple to get Whatsapp free for lifetime. There are various modern tricks in the market we are covering all methods to get WhatsApp free for one year. Yes, this also works for one year and lifetime as well. There are three skills in the market to get WhatsApp free for life. We are disclosing all three methods you can follow any one of them and use it to extend your WhatsApp subscription from a month to a lifetime.

Tricks to get WhatsApp free for Life

Trick 1: Change your mobile number

All you have to do is to change your WhatsApp mobile number for some time to increase your subscription. For this, you may need to purchase or get a sim card from your granny maybe if she doesn’t use Whatsapp in her mobile. In old number enter your existing mobile number and in new number enter the number you want to get the change to. By doing so, your mobile is shifted to the new number, and new subscription is got activated. And when you reverse the same process and change to your original mobile phone number after verification. You shall receive a message stating that your WhatsApp subscription will extend, and you can enjoy the same.

Note: You shall not lose access to any group during this process.

Trick 2: Delete and Reinstall your WhatsApp account for a while

If your subscription of WhatsApp is at the end of your Account, that is being deleted by your first step for  getting WhatsApp for free for a year. To extend your subscription, start the WhatsApp program, then select the Settings option followed by Account represented by three dots in your account. Then Click on “Delete My Account” and put in your old telephone number which you was using for WhatsApp, then click on the “Delete My Account” to complete the process of prevailing a new account. At this time after doing the activities as mentioned above, your cell phone should be completely Whatsapp free you have to uninstall the application, and you will produce a brand new account using the advice that is new and to reinstall the program. After making the new account, Account, visit Settings, and Payment to determine if your new trial period has been prolonged by one year for free.

Note: You may lose access to groups using last two methods.

Trick 3: Use an iPhone for extending WhatsApp Free for lifetime

A different way to get WhatsApp free for life is by borrowing a friend’s iPhone. You have to Start by deleting the WhatsApp from your apparatus as we had already described in Trick #2. Next, catch your friend’s iPhone and make sure that the WhatsApp is not installed on this device (Device, that you have borrowed from your friend, either. Uninstall it, and then reinstall WhatsApp application from iTunes, in case it’s. Now comes the most important and tricky part when you look at the setup menu for WhatsApp to the iPhone, check your phone number and enter it in your buddy’s phone and then verify the application. Now you have to enter your activated contact number on WhatsApp on your apparatus. It will now say it is not inactive to get a lifetime on your telephone, and you could delete anything you installed on your buddy’s iPhone.

Do you also have any working tricks to get WhatsApp free for a lifetime? Do add your tricks to the list by dropping us your tricks. Stay tuned for more WhatsApp how-to-guide articles.

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