How to do Keyword research for Long Term Blogging

This small tutorial gives you an overview of doing Keyword research for Long Term Blogging. There are two modern tools to do keyword research. The most popular and most reliable is Google itself you can visit this link to get to start with Google AdWords keyword planner tool. The second one is the paid one which is Semrush. Semrush is the excellent tool that gives detail keyword details and an overview of searches and help you to plan better for the keyword research. However, you have to pay some bucks for using Semrush.

. How to do Keyword Research for Blogging with Google Adwords

  1. Sign Up yourself at Google Adwords 
  2. After sign in select the first option.
  • Then enter the name of the keyword you want the details of this may be the new year, Jesus or anything you wish to get results of. In the targeting, option selects the main countries you are willing to set as a target for your blogging.
  • Ensure that you will choose correct keyword according to your needs and competition
  • I prefer targeting countries like the United States and Canada because I want to get good quality traffic to those countries.
  • Here I can also choose the dates and period for which I want to research on. You can easily customise this time according to your needs
  • Now click on get ideas to get overview of the ideas for Keyword Research for Long Term Blogging

Now as you can see average searches are quite small in numbers but it hardly matters. Because the number of searches for January and December is enough more than expected, that is 5.5 million. Because this map is showing Average monthly searches of non-relevant keywords, it doesn’t seem to be the correct measure of calculating.

In this case, I shall readjust my dates and try to search again

How to do Keyword Research for Blogging with Semrush

It’s good if you have a Semrush account it will give you wider scope for doing keyword research. Doing Keyword Research in Semrush is quite easier. You need not adjust dates and other things at all in Semrush. Once you searched the keyword, it shall give instant results with all details.

Now I can see expected results. Now all I have to do is to click on any link and visit it. You will get ideas of links and their searches

Important Points to notice:-

For event blogging:- 

  • Do research on the monthly basis because results are higher during a particular period only. You need to target on that period only Adjust the dates and make the complete analysis of all things.
  • Try to get full search and do the complete analysis. The only number of searches is not relevant you have to do good analysis

For micro niche blogging: 

Visit this link and use this guide

For blogging:- 

DO NOT change monthly searches period you can use any period for normal blogging. But before start blogging ensure that number of searches must be enough to give you huge traffic. If you use google plus or reddit for traffic. Its also highly recommended to use keyword in your domain and permalink as a part of Keyword research for Blogging

If you have any doubt please comment. Have a good day 

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