Track android phone location from computer for free

This guide will help you to Track android phone location using computer: Tracing a mobile phone number with exact details of contact information won’t be a tough job now, as many companies has started providing services for detecting the exact location of mobile phone. If you have lost your smartphone you can also detect the phone. This service is specially available for the smartphones. Specially Windows and Android are offering services to trace the mobile number location along with address and other information.

You don’t even need to download any application for tracing the mobile location, although there are applications which provides some details of mobile phone numbers. To trace a handset in countries like Canada, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or any other country you can search over the internet.

Track android phone location

For tracing the mobile phone location in Android phone, you need to have a Android Phone with the following operating systems (Having location and GPS enabled in the lost phone is necessary to track the exact location )

  • Android Version 4.2
  • Android Version 4.4
  • Android Version 5
  • Android Version 5.1

You need to have any of these version in your smartphone to enable the location tracking activity. Its essential that Whether you are using android or Windows phone you must connect your user sign in ID with the smartphone. Two popular email configurations you need to use is Gmail id with the Android Phone and Microsoft ID with the Windows Powered phone.

Find android phone location from computer

To detect the location an Android Phone you need to search the google for ‘lost my phone’ it will give you various options including ringing your phone remotely free of charge. If you are experiencing difficulties in finding your phone you can simply understand that ‘Mobile Data’ or ‘Location’ is turned off in your smartphone. In order to ring your mobile phone you need firstly sign in the google with your connected gmail account and detect your smartphone.

find my phone signin

If you see an error as ‘Device Unavailable’ it surely means that the google is experiencing difficulties in connecting with your device and the mobile data or WiFi is unavailable.

As a solution you need to try again and again and check when your smartphone get connected with the internet and you would suffer no loss. If you get succeed, you can take the location input and also ring your phone to catch the real culprit.

Detect Location of a Windows Phone

Detecting location of a Windows Phone is comparatively less effort task and you can even detect the location of any Windows phone if not connected with the location. Windows phones also offer the services as Locking the Phone and Swiping away the data so that no misuse of the phone shall be possible.

Do Not lock your phone if their are chances of recovery, as locking your phone may give the alert signals to the thief. In order to find the details go to If you’re prompted to sign in, use the same Microsoft account you used to sign in on your phone. You can use your outlook/hotmail etc account here for finding the location.

We hope you could Track android phone location using the trick mentioned above.