Your Facebook Account has 3 passwords, Do you know?

This topic is making you quite curious to know that which are the 3 passwords of your facebook account. It is because at a time of registration, you just entered 1 password and now it is 3. You will not believe but facebook account has 3 passwords to for your comfort at a time of logging in facebook. So, Let us show you that which are the passwords.

For instance, I have one facebook account whose password is ideas@cRystal then you will have two more passwords and all this three passwords are as given below,

  1. ideas@cRystal
  2. Ideas@cRystal

So, in your case also their will be 3 passwords to log in to your facebook account. In some cases, you will not have 3 passwords but might be you have 2 or 1 password. In case, your current Password has first letter in capitals then you there will be only 2 passwords for your account.

Why this 3 passwords?

Facebook is making your experience on facebook very much comfortable and that’s the reason of this 3 passwords. For example, if you are logging in from your mobile phone, let it be android, Whenever you type anything in android, you will have 1st character capital and that is the reason of having #2 password in existance.

For example, If you are logging in with any device with Caps lock ON then you will type IDEAS@CrYSTAL instead of writing ideas@cRystal and that is the reason of having #3 password. So, by this passwords, you are making your experience good in facebook.

So, Now you came to know that which are the 3 different passwords to log in to your account. Having this passwords is no at all a safety problem because there is just difference in Capitals and smalls in characters of your password.