4 Ways to Download and Save YouTube videos

YouTube is the largest video-sharing community that offers Free online Video sharing. Sometimes we need to discover Ways to Download and Save YouTube videos. This article gives you a few easy ways to download and save YouTube Videos on your PC for free and play them offline.  I am suggesting five traditional methods by which you can download the YouTube videos directly to your PC. Methods classified here are as per the rankings.

The below list has tools, tricks and also how to use them.

So let’s get started.

#1 Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager is the best tool to download the videos and other data from the online web. Most important thing with IDM is that it can download in various formats including .mp4 and .flv. You can also customise resolutions while using Internet Download Manager. The most important thing with this software is it comes with 14 days fully functional trial enabling you to get well introduced with the same. Internet Download Manager have different Ways to Download and Save YouTube videos. You can also manage your videos and make due according to your priorities

#2 Youtube ‘s trick

You can also use a method to download all the videos quickly. The important and the most unusual feature is it helps in downloading the entire list. Means in a single click you can download the entire playlist.

Steps to Download videos with this trick

If the link of video is


Then change it to


#3 Savefromnet

Savefrom(dot)Net is the best site to download the videos directly. You can directly visit savefrom.net to download youtube videos to PC. It’s important that your link should be publicly available so as to process the download. This tool can also help in downloading the videos from facebook as well. This tool offers various type of downloads like mp3, 720p or any other

#4 Chrome and Firefox plugins

There are many plugins of firefox and chrome available in the market that offers high performance and have the proper response. You can download anyone. But be careful many tools can damage your computer. Do not download any plugin from outside the store of the browser. Because browser’s store only has checked and certified plugins that shall help in Downloading.

Here are some of the trusted plugins

Video Downloader Professional: One of the best tools I have been using till date. It Provides excellent response time and fast downloading of videos.

Do you also have some tools and tricks to download youtube videos online? Then share it with us through comments. Stay connected to get more tips and tricks.

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