Run Android on PC – BlueStacks Alternatives

Run Android on PC or Windows-powered operating systems has become a trend and need for everyone who doesn’t owns an Android phone and wants to enjoy the privileges of the mobile phone on PC.You can check out this small software that may assist you in emulating the Android operating system on your Windows tablet or personal desktop.

Best Android Emulators for Windows

1. Bluestacks: Highly Recommended

As we all know the most popular and most easy to use android emulator for windows. However in the recent period, this program is creating some problems and not able to run Android on PC with Windows 7. That’s why we recommend you to read this article to learn the shortcut to boost up your android mobile phone speed up to 300 %.

Download Bluestacks Android Emulator official site

2. Android Emulator for Jelly Bean Operating System 4.0

It is one of the best Android PC emulators for using the applications and games made for Jelly Bean OS only and works on Windows XP/7/8 and its free for personal purposes. Gives better experience with 400*800 screen resolution.

Download Jar of Beans official link

3. GenyMotion Mobile Emulator

My personal favourite emulator for Windows 7. However, if you are using Windows XP, then Bluestacks shall also run well. But if you want to work with Windows 7 and wish to get a beautiful interface then GenyMotion Emulator is recommended, and You can use this for free for personal purposes. But in case you wish to test any application for commercial purposes then you should install Premium Version. The best of this emulator is that you get GPS enabled for MAC and Linux devices.It runs on the Oracle-based platform

GenyMotion Mobile Emulator Official Link

4. YouWave Emulator- World famous to Run Android on PC

YouWave comes with a cost of 20 $, but it worths. If you pay for using an emulator, you would get the return with this. The size of the software is minuscule of around 143 MB only and runs on the Oracle-based platform. It helps in smooth functioning with both of the operating systems. That means your windows remain unaffected when you shall use YouWave.

Download YouWave Emulator Official Site


Use Bluestacks if it works for you perfectly fine otherwise, you can use YouWave and try it out for free.

GenyMotion is recommended only for personal purposes and if you want to download and work with on Jelly Bean applications use Jar of Beans.

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