What’s new in Windows 10 for PCs?

Coming into today’s Windows 10 event, we 10d to already knew lots concerning Microsoft’s latest and greatest. the corporate explained the thinking behind its new OS back in Sept, and therefore the Technical Preview has been out there for months. The core amendment comes within the type of a revitalized desktop expertise — one that puts the simplest of Windows seven and 8 into one package. Windows will currently higher match the convertible devices Microsoft is pushing, with an identical UI across all platforms, however there is a hateful a lot of to explore here, together with some options elaborated these days for the primary time. Let’s take a better look.

Cortana in Windows 10

If you have been following Windows Phone in any respect, you will recognize what Cortana is: Microsoft’s combat a private digital assistant. The mobile version offers options that are a combination between Siri and Google currently, however the laptop version includes a few other advantages.

New, universal apps of Windows 10

Perhaps the largest news, though, notwithstanding it does not profit the bulk of Windows users — is that Windows apps can currently be universal and ran into computer, tablet, phone and even Xbox One.

Project Spartan

As early reports urged, Project Spartan could be a new browser for Windows 10, entirely break away net individual. positive there is a terribly clean, nearly Chrome-like style, and a new rendering engine, however the main target here is on social sharing.

Better settings

Windows 10 goes an ex10ded thanks to fixing the fragmented panel and Settings menus presently in Windows 8.1. A unified settings menu is coming back, with a clean style and easy choices, and there is conjointly the new Action Center (pictured above), that provides additional toggles for switch on or off WiFi and different settings.


Not simply the name of John Mayer’s mellow third studio album associate degree an underrated sci-fi series, time is currently a giant a part of rising Windows on convertibles. we have a 10dency to got a short glimpse of it back at Microsoft’s last Windows event, however it’s currently been totally explained.

Xbox gaming

Sony has allow you to stream PlayStation four games to a Vita from launch. Microsoft’s response? To let anyone stream any Xbox One game to any Windows 10 laptop or pill. Sure, you’ve got to get on an equivalent network, however it’s still pretty huge news.


We were secure a few of surprises nowadays, and it’s honest to mention that Microsoft came through with an enormous surprise: Windows Holographic. It’s AN AR platform, lease you see 3D “projections” employing a try of AR goggles.

Free upgrades to Windows 10

While it is not extremely a feature, it’s undoubtedly value noting: Windows 10 are free for everybody exploitation Windows seven or 8.1, provided you upgrade at intervals the primary year. As for once you will truly get of these new options on your computer? Microsoft is staying mum this.

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