What’s new in Windows 10 for Phones?

Microsoft showed off variety of latest options for Windows 10 on phones nowadays, however in afternoon sessions at the company’s press event we 10d to got a more in-depth consider what’s coming back. Most of the demonstrations targeted on rising the constitutional apps and options of Windows Phone, and fixing lots of the eccentricities. that has mail, maps, photos, Skype, and electronic communication.

Mail is one among the most important enhancements to the constitutional apps. Microsoft is building a universal Outlook app across Windows 10 phones, tablets, and PCs that appears to be lots higher than what came with Windows eight and Windows Phone eight.1.

Word is made into the Outlook app, permitting you to author emails in a very abundant richer manner than before. This includes support for inserting tables and full text data format. There’s conjointly variety of latest gestures here. you’ll be able to swipe right to delete Associate in Nursing email, or swipe left to flag it. These actions square measure then synced to the computer, thus you’ll be able to acquire your flagged email at a later date.

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