Upgrade to Windows 10 – Microsoft offers free upgradation

With the launch of Windows 10, there was a question about upgradation to the latest operating system, Microsoft had decided to give completely free upgrades to the new operating system. The whole new Microsoft Windows 10 shall be available for the existing users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for free during the first year of rolling out upgrades for the Latest Windows. Yes its the truth that one not need to spend too much for upgrading to the latest windows, all you have to connect to a WiFi enabled or LAN Enabled high speed internet and upgrade your laptop or Personal Computer to the Latest OS.

Steps to Upgrade to Windows 10 for free

Prerequisites :-

Genuine Windows 7/8/8.1

Hardware specifications :- 2 GB Ram/ P IV / 30 GB of free disk space

High speed internet connection

Process to upgrade to the latest version of windows

  1. Connect to internet
  2. Do windows validation check if you had asked for it
  3. Check for updates with windows 10 upgrade assistant. You will receive the windows 10 upgrade assistant on same email id used for purchasing Windows 10.
  4. Run the upgrade after following the steps
  5. You are done. Now you have successfully upgraded to the better and smart Microsoft Windows 10.

Earlier in January 2014, Microsoft had come with a official statement that they shall give free upgrades for Windows 8 Mobile phone devices also the popular mobile devices which can get update are Lumia 520, 525, 530, 625, 620, 630, 521, 720, 721, 725, 1020 and all other popular handsets of Microsoft Lumia

The newer version of Windows shall have Microsoft Office 2013 come inbuilt in mobile phones and in special discount offers bundled with the Windows 10 for PC and Laptop devices. Microsoft had made the announcement to provide free windows upgrade  at an event on its corporate campus outside of Seattle.

So ready to upgrade to the better windows this year and enjoy the bouquet of privileges with Microsoft.

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